The Raven and the Light


A terrifying first person adventure


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The Raven and the Light is a horror adventure game in first person, with special focus on the story and narration. There's a lot of text to read in order to understand some of the plot details, and there are even some non-interactive scenes that help in the development of the game.

The gameplay in The Raven and the Light is pretty interesting. You move your character like in any other first person adventure. However, to interact with the settings, you move the left arm with one button and the right arm with a different button. This way, you can open doors, pick up objects, and read documents.

One of the main problems in The Raven and the Light is how it begins. The game has a really slow first chapter, where you just have to move through the woods, avoiding wolves. This part of the game is pretty boring, but once it's over (in about five minutes), you finally reach the catholic high school where the adventure takes place.

The Raven and the Light is a horror adventure game that manages to give a few good scares. The story is also really interesting, and the graphics, although not outstanding, have nice effects.
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